I have written 3 new books …

While researching my first book on William Hogarth and the Freemasons, I discovered lots of curious stuff within his art that made for a salacious sequel!

I published this under the title ‘The Fine Art of Dickpics and Selfies’ … and then all the book shops shut (!) and so I spent my isolation writing a third volume.

I kept coming across examples of modern artists who reworked some of Hogarth’s paintings. Book #3 is called ‘Hogarth’s Copycats’ and includes this hilarious version of the artist and his dog Trump.

I also found that a copy of a Hogarth print had been used to satirize the present situation concerning Jeffrey Epstein.

Hogarth’s Copy Cats includes many amazing reworkings of Hogarth’s most famous progresses.

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