coverWilliam Hogarth – A Freemason’s Harlot can be purchased as a print copy and mailed to your home. However, with over 300 images, it is best viewed as an ebook. You can scroll around the illustrations and zoom in to observe details. Please consider this environmentally friendly option!

I send from both US and UK, so postage is reasonable either side of the pond!

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Yes, there is a Sequel! 

It includes all the details which I could not fit into the first book … and much more!

Please consider buying an advance copy. I will share with you a preview, and you should receive a print copy within a few months. You will also be helping me to fund the initial printing of this first publication.

If you are feeling particularly generous and want to fund my research into other topics of Masonic interest, then please contact me and I will tell you how you can help me uncover more secrets from within Hogarth’s work. I am currently working on a digital form that will introduce new viewers to Hogarth’s work. Many people do not know the Harlot’s or Rake’s Progress, nor Marriage a la Mode. I have a fun, digital way they can access these amazing stories by the ingenious Mr Hogarth!

Many young people will have seen his characters, who make up the credits of Hulu’s ‘Harlots’ and did you know that Hogarth was runner up for being the face on the new twenty pound note!?

wp harlots pink bum